Minecrafters Guild

Sunday January 6, 2013: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm -- Downtown Library: Training Center

AADL's Minecraft server is up and running!

We're hosting our own Minecraft server and we need you to help us build "Ann Arbor." Discuss the future of "Ann Arbor" and the server @AADL. It's a great way to meet people you've seen on the server and coordinate new builds. You've met on server, now meet in-person!

This event is for adults and teens (grade 6 and up).


It is not updated.or it is and I have bad connection.You mind as well update instead of waiting for 1.4.7 . 1.4.6 servers are going to be compatible with 1.4.7 users anyway.

There is nothing wrong with your connection. We need our moderation tools to update and become compatible with the newest update before we can update our server. Thanks for your interest in the AADL minecraft server.

if you want a good server try vote.meepcraft.com its a really nice server

The biggest problem we've had with keeping pace with Minecraft releases has been our reliance on Bukkit and CraftBukkit for plugin administration. The first beta release for 1.4.6 was very buggy and actually caused problems with WorldEdit and WorldGuard. The second beta was actually pulled by the Bukkit team before I had a chance to try it. I'm about to try the third version this afternoon. We'll see what happens.

I'm open to suggestions on a way to change to a vanilla server while keeping it grief free and with reasonable rollback capabilities.

If you have suggestions or experience, please let me know. Email our team at minecraft@aadl.org

Check this out: in Sweden, a school has made headlines by making Minecraft compulsory for students aged 13. That's right: the kids are required to learn Minecraft! Read all about it here:
Gizmag article about compulsory Minecraft at Swedish School