Downtown Library 2012: Decision

The $65M bond proposal to rebuild the Downtown Library on its current site did not pass. The Library Board will be working over the coming months to determine the best way forward for the system as a whole.

Everyone is encouraged to attend the meetings of the Library Board, and to participate in the public comment portion of the agenda. The next meeting of the AADL Board is Monday, November 19, at 7:00 PM in the Fourth Floor Board Room at the Downtown Library.



Posted at 8:45 a.m.??? My clock says it is 8:00 a.m. Perhaps the time change?


Must be. Your clock is right.


You need to advertise the library board meetings, Since you represent a very large area the meetings should at least rotate amongst the remote sites. I'd attend if I was aware of the meeting well in advance AND it was held in the Pittsfiled branch. You seem to have a downtown bias that is inconsistent with the area you represent.


The calendar for AADL Board meetings is posted at I will pass along your suggestion that Board meetings should rotate among the library branches.


Josie Parker

What was the outcome of the Trustee election?


Incumbent trustees Margaret Leary, Prue Rosenthal, Rebecca Head and Nancy Kaplan were re-elected to the AADL Board.



I'm sorry it didn't pass. I voted for it and hoped it would. Penny wise and pound foolish. However, I know that The AADL does not levy the full millage allowed. Perhaps if you did, you could come up with enough of the money in a shorter time frame and without a vote? If you're entitled to it, you should take it.