Two Generals

Back in July I met Scott Chantler at the Kids Read Comics convention at AADL and purchased his graphic novel, Two Generals. Shortly afterwards I was able to sit down and crack open the book. Wow, what a compelling story. The graphic novel follows Scott’s grandfather, Law Chantler, and his best friend Jack during their World War II experience in the Canadian Highland Light Infantry. I was drawn in by the way Chantler meticulously portrayed the part these two everyday heroes played in the pivotal Allied invasion of Normandy in June 1944.

After being drawn in by the opening pages that depict the aftermath of a horrific battle you’ll be swept back in time to see how these two soldiers found their way into the army. And, like me you’ll want to find out what happened to them and what was the outcome of the battle.

It is a great historical graphic novel, with an interesting story and fantastic art work that I think all readers will enjoy.