Oldies But Goodies

The library is always adding new “old” movies to the collection. In case you missed them, be sure to check out:

The Fly (1986)
Starring a young Jeff Goldblum, this remake of the 1958 original is about an ambitious yet eccentric scientist that has an unfortunate incident involving a fly. This film is sure to please fans of 80's horror films as well as those looking for a good Halloween flick.

Pecker (1999)
Edward Furlong and Christina Ricci costar in this romp from Baltimore to Manhattan as an amateur photographer receives surprising attention from the metropolitan art scene. This John Waters gem covers everything from eating too much candy to exploitation of the homeless. (This is also one of my favorite movies.)


Please add the 1997 horror film "Nightwatch" to the collection. It is an overlooked and underrated film starring Ewan McGregor.

Your suggestion has been forwarded to the DVD selector for consideration to be added to the collection.

Yes! I'm so excited that Pecker has been added. It's also one of my favorites. Can't wait to watch it again :)