Pirates or Superheroes?

Who said the library isn’t hip and cool? We change with the times and have the perfect books to go along with the popular movies in the box office. Are you interested in getting clued in on insider information on Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of the Caribbean? Check out the Pirates of the Caribbean Visual Guide. If you are more of a superhero fan and camped outside to see the new superman movie, Superman Returns, you should spend time browsing the Superman graphic novels. So the question is: Who would win, Jack Sparrow or Superman, in a fight to the death?


well jack sparrow cant idie as long as he lifts a medallion from the dhest so uh id say jack sparrow
Besides the medallions are probly made of kryptonite anyway
plus jack is soooo much hotter the clark

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Well superman can also be hurt by magic and if the medallions aren't kryptonite they must be magical.

I don't know. Superman is way stronger than skinny Jack Sparrow. I think Superman could totally take Jack, magic coins or not. Now, if there were swords involved, it might be a different story.

Well superman would never kill jack, so he can't really win a fight to the death.

So Duck-boy
is it okaif i call you duck-boy well w/e idc i will any ways fo at leat this post
have you figured out who i am yet?

And btw if they were fighting it would most likly be a setup by one of superman arch-enemys anyway so their would some sort of kryptonite in their fighting location
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Well in short chi chi, no I don't know who you are. But there are only a few people who would call me Duck-boy so I should be able to figure it out.

Now what if Ninjas crashed the pirate ship? Who would win? Has anyone checked out the Ask a Ninja website? It is hysterical!!

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The Ask a Ninja guy was on NPR this morning reviewing the new PotC movie.. he (of course) said it was terrible.. and NPR must have edited out the part were he signs off by promising to "kill you soon."