Are There Any Books Like [BLANK]?

Do you ever crave a book just like something else you’ve read? Maybe you’re looking for suspense as juicy as Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. Perhaps you’re in the mood for a level of satire that only Chuck Palahniuk seems to deliver. Or maybe the copies of Ready Player One are checked out but you’re open to similar titles. You can access reading lists comparable to these books and more through searching the library’s public lists. User created booklists can be searched through AADL’s catalog page by clicking on the link to “View All Public Lists” located on the right hand side of the page. To access compiled lists of readalikes simply enter the term “Readalikes” or “Read Alikes” in the search box located in the upper right hand corner. The result page allows you to browse reading suggestions to your heart’s content. These lists are a growing resource on the library’s website. If you are interested in an author or title that is not currently listed, consider using the library’s database subscription to Books & Authors to find your next read.