AADL Talks to Mary Stewart Adams

Mary Stewart AdamsMary Stewart Adams

Mary Stewart Adams is a star lore historian, storyteller, and program director for the Headlands International Dark Sky Park, a 600-acre park in Michigan's Emmet County. She was also instrumental in securing the recent passage of Michigan Public Act 251, which establishes a 23,000-acre Dark Sky Preserve in Michigan. On her way to a signing ceremony with Governor Rick Snyder, Mary stopped in to talk with me about the process of securing a dark sky designation, the importance of dark skies, and her passion for telling stories about the stars.

Mary will be at the Downtown Library on the eve of the autumnal equinox - Friday, September 21, 2012 - for an evening of Storytelling with the Stars.

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How fascinating! Thanks for providing a forum for Michiganders to learn more about her work and the importance of dark skies.

This is amazing! I never knew this park existed. Dark skies are the best; I grew up with dark skies full of stars, so I often miss them when I look up around Ann Arbor.

I didn't know that you could protect the skies against light pollution like a national park! Cool!