Final Post: Edith at Random

Librarian Edith: Edith, courtesy of AmberLibrarian Edith: Edith, courtesy of Amber

For my final post on the blog (I'm going to be a youth/teen librarian in Chelsea), I thought I would just put some funny stuff up for the purpose of entertaining you. Have a great summer! ^_^

The D&D Song
What if the iPod was a Microsoft product...

Mortal Peep Fight
VGCats.. just because


the iPod thing is hilarious

Good bye Edith have a good time in chelsea

My comments on the subjects.

The 12 sided die is so neglected.
I think they forgot to mention the installation discs.
They didn't do the 12 button exploding peep finishing move.
"It's DBZ for girls." If only they made new comics on time.

Come back and visit sometime, we'll miss you. Also I encountered the anime Gokujou Seitokai and think you might like it.

Oh, no!!! Well, we'll miss you--best of luck in your new job!!!!!

You have really done a great job with the teen program i would probally never go to the library if it wasn't for them hopefully you can make chelseas teen program as sucsussful it is here in Ann Arbor

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the i pod one was funny
good bye

Hmm, it seems I can still post.. mwahahaah!

Thanks guys, I'm going to miss you! But don't worry, I am still in town and I hope to make it to some AADL programs(like AADL_GT and the cosplay contest if I can swing it). I'll be getting a new blog identity when i get around to it, and if I find cool stuff I think you'll like, I'll post it in the comments like a normal civilian.

Awww, Eli's not going to let you keep administrative-ish abilities? Or not allow you to sell them to the highest bidder in an auction-style format to do with as we see fit? Not cool, Eli.... not cool...

"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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Maybe if a large enough bribe were applied, the answers to your questions might be different, Major Tom.....

Hmmmmm, good thinking Pickwick....

Methinks it's time for a good old-fashioned heist!!! Who's in?

"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
5000th comment poster!

Ofcourse I'm in.

Now what was Eli's login password again?

Pickwick do you play music at all at that camp, you seem to be online a lot?

"Pickwick do you play music at all at that camp, you seem to be online a lot?"

yeah i know, you've updated/edited your xanga like 3 times and gave me TWO comments on the same entry =P

(Yes! I now have a day off where I can come home, I'm here until the 5th).
Sure Tom, I'm in!

my guess:

Username: Eli
Password: kingofgeeks or triforceonmyarm

I have yet to test them though...

Also, for Edith (if she is still here). I loved the events and I hope the kids at Chealsea (I swear I'm spelling that wrong...) are as nice as we we're (just asking: were we nice enough?). We'll miss you!

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P.S. Camp Munhake is boooooring! Someone please help me!

Aww, I'll miss seeing you at the Animanga events and bothering you when you're supposed to be working. xD Have a great time at Chelsea (When will you be working there?), I'll try to see if I can go to any of the Animanga meetings there. But... why Fridays? Don't they realize that some people are WORKING then? (And others are at camp... but I'm working. O_o) I might be able to make it to the last one, though.

And by the way, those Kimagure Orange Road videos I got used at Wizzywig? REALLY AWESOME. Lizzy and I rode the bus over to her house so we could watch them right away, and her brother was seriously scared of the show (the fact that it's twenty years old and not dubbed). :P Pretty sad, since we're younger than him...

Oh, and great links. How do you FIND all this stuff???

Oh sad! I need to check in here more, I missed Edith leaving! :( :( I'll miss you quite a bit...

"Faulheit ist eine Tugend"

Hey! That's the password to my luggage!

eli is the season DVD ready?

Librarian Edith
Edith, courtesy of Amber

Hi, this is Edith, with my new civilian persona. *does a little spin to show off her new ID* I just got back from the Les Cheneaux Islands, the best kept secret of the UP. Here's photos of the local 4th of July parade.. I liked the shopping cart drill team and the mounds of candy they threw at us. I got more Mardi Gras beads at the parade than I did in my entire time down in New Orleans at at the American Library Association Conference.

Eli can tell you all about the conference because he was there, showing other librarians how to do gaming programs and eating gourmet food. Erin was there too, and we went "shopping" in the exhibit hall and got tons of free books.

And, yes EBD, all of you were and still are really nice. You basically inspired me to be a librarian for the younger, cooler set.

P-Chan, I start work Monday, but I will be looking into more "weekend" hours for Chelsea programs, okay?

PS-- Just watched Genkujou Seitokai.. sooo weird.. so much fun! (Payapaya!)

"Pickwick do you play music at all at that camp, you seem to be online a lot?"-- Sir Ducksalot

"yeah i know, you've updated/edited your xanga like 3 times and gave me TWO comments on the same entry =P"-- MDidget

... A day in the life of a Pickwick, generally speaking:
5:40 AM: wake up... kinda. 6-7:15: practice baritone saxophone. 7:20-7:50: breakfast. 8-8:50: saxophone octet rehearsal. 9-9:20: morning announcements. 9:30-10:50: Concert Band rehearsal. 11-11:45: Lunch. 12-1: Practice bari sax. 1-1:50: Jazz Band rehearsal (four times a week.) 2-4:20: Practice bari sax/check email. 4:30-5:30: Dinner. 5:45-7:15: Practice bari sax. 7:30-9:30: Recital. 10:30: "Lights Out"
Camp slogan: "Free Time Is Practice Time!"
Average practice time of a Pickwick per day: 3 hours.
Median time spent playing music by a Pickwick in a day: 6 hours
Greatest amount of time spent playing music by a Pickwick in a day: 9 hours.

I believe the message would, in the world of Instant Messenging, be:
:P to both of you...
Pickwick has not had time to be on the Internet very much at all of late.
Hope you're all enjoying your summers anyway!!!


2-4:20: Practice bari sax/check email.
- 3:51pm
regardless pickwick sounds like a full time playing music have fun!

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I knew I felt a strange kinship with Mr. Pickwick, now I know why. I, too, was a bari sax player in highschool, and I, too, went to such camps. You're not at NHSMI, are you?

/band geek

Really! My, that does, indeed, explain much, Your Highness!

I was at a camp called the Lutheran Summer Music Academy, though I'm not Lutheran. My aunt and uncle teach trombone and trumpet, respectively, at LSM, and have done so for several years; it was by their recommendation that I first enrolled in the Academy in 2003. It is of a size and character similar to that of the National High School Music Institute, but it's a younger program (24 years to NHSMI's 75), and it runs for only four weeks instead of five.
Many of the LSM music faculty are college professors from around the country or even the distant land of Canada, and some, though, alas! not all(or, in fact, very many,) have resumes comparable to those of the NHSMI faculty.

NHSMI looks like an incredible music camp!!! How many years did you attend? And do you still play??? If so, you should perform for us at one of the GT events!!!!!!!
/another band geek

Edit: Bad Driver, I saw Duck's comment during my usual time slot, but didn't have time to respond indignantly before I had to go, so I came back. I wouldn't have been so defensive if I'd realised he was joking; as I took him at his word, however, I felt obligated to defend myself against what I perceived as a slight to my escutcheon, and that overrode my rigorously-defined schedule. Also, as I recall, my embouchure was tired, and I was looking for an excuse not to practice.

with all those big words im sure you are right

actually only a few of those are big and i understand now about the schedule