Family Camp-in at Pittsfield!

Haven't had a chance to camp yet this summer? Join us at the Pittsfield Branch
on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 from 7 - 8 p.m. as we have our annual camping night.
This year we'll feature moose. They can be very funny, those mooses.
We'll have a campfire that we'll gather around. We'll have Sara Keller lead us in
some camp songs, hear a couple of moose stories, eat s'mores and make
moose antlers to wear. What a fun night for the whole family!


Cool! I wish I could go; I've always wanted to go camping...

Morgsush, have you ever been to Mackinac? It has the best camping sites and is fun place to be!!! Camping is awesome!!

Sounds like a wonderful event for the whole family. We are looking forward to this.

I hope I can come to this event...

Camping for an hour...

Camping with no bugs!

I love the family events you have, especially when they are in the evenings or on weekends for us working parents!

I wish i could go :(

This seems to be fun.

I would really like to go..

would like to go but our family a lready goes camping twice in the summer

love the idea though

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