Judith Crist, sharp-tongued, powerful movie critic, has died

Judith Crist, one of the most widely-read, feared movie critics for more than 30 years, died today at her home in Manhattan.

Ms. Crist's skewering of popular movies was legendary.She labeled The Sound of Music (1965) "Icky-sticky". According to Crist, Anne Bancroft, who starred in The Pumpkin Eater (1964), had "...no aspirations or intellect above her pelvis."

She had a stint on the Today Show. Among her impressive print credentials, she was a critic for the now-defunct New York Herald Tribune, and in TV Guide which hired her in 1966, fired her in 1983, and came crawling back three weeks later after a huge public outcry, offering her a raise and a job for five more years.

Her half-century career as a Professor at the Columbia Journalism School ended in February of this year.

Ms. Crist was 90.


That is so sad. I really wish she was here to criticize some of the worst movies ever made on planet Earth. :`C

I'm pretty lenient in my movie judging, I can't bring myself to be too mean. Glad to know she was here on this earth to do it.