Meet The Pocket Piano

The Pocket Piano from Critter & Guitari is part piano, part synthesizer and all awesome with its green aluminum enclosure and little wooden buttons. Little. Wooden. Buttons. It operates on one 9V battery and includes its own speaker, so it's the perfect size to throw in your backpack for a day of startling woodland critters at the park. You get seven sound modes: vibrato synth, harmonic sweeper, two-octave arpeggiator, octave cascade, mono FM synth, FM arpeggiator and a space age mono glider. On top of that the first four modes let you choose between four different waveforms: sine, square, triangle and sawtooth. If you don't know what any of those are, don't worry, its easy to pick up and play, and figuring out how it works is half the fun. We've just placed five Pocket Pianos on the Stuff Shelf at the Downtown Library, near the circulation desk, so get yours today. They circulate for one week, and are not requestable and not renewable. If you would like special notice when new batches of instruments are dropped you can follow the Music Tools collection on Twitter @aadl_mtools.


That is soooooooooooo cool! I really want one but unfortunately, my room is a mess and adding more clutter would make my mom super mad so I might as well not get one (not that I'm complaining or any thing).

I love the "startling woodland critters at the park" idea. Hehe. It's so great that a lot of these new music tools ARE portable. :)

It's so cool!

This is very neat, but I wish there was a way to request items that are currently checked out.

You can hold those.....
I hope I can get one of these!

So this is an instrument that you can check out like a book? Neat!

I love the diversifying of AADL's already great collection. I hope local musicians find great use for these fun and handy instruments.

Yeah, I found it in the AADL catalog. :)

I also noticed they had a concertina listed (something like an accordian).

I am unable to place a request on these.

Yesterday and today I get this message when I try to place a hold on items that are both available and those that are all checked out:

For the Pocket Piano

There are no copies currently available,
1 request on 6 copies

We were unable to fulfill your request for Pocket Piano GR
No items requestable, request denied.

For the Boomwhackers
There is currently 1 available:
Downtown 1st Floor

We were unable to fulfill your request for Boomwhackers
No items requestable, request denied.

I see that someone else was able to place a hold though!

Yesterday I successfully placed a hold on the Sensational Stylophone Assortment. Today, that hold is gone. There are 2 listed as available.

Here's the scoop on the music tools collection:

Music Tools

AADL's newest collection offers you a chance to get your hands on some very uncommon, unusual, and fun musical instruments! The AADL Music Tools collection features musical gear that you can check out from the Library, from such noted manufacturers as Moog, Korg, Maywa Denki, Bleep Labs, Chamber of Sounds, Folktek, Critter & Guitari and more!

For now, Music Tools are not renewable, and not requestable. You can find them at the downtown library near the circulation desk, and they check out for one week. As the collection grows, new ways to borrow will be coming!

If you want to find this on the AADL catalog, just search Pocket Piano (or use advanced search).

I really want one? Will they be in the Summer Game Shop?

This is so cool! I hope I can get one.

Me too!

There are 2 Pocket Pianos on the Downtown Stuff Shelf right now! Plus a few other things.