7th Annual LEGO Contest Winners!

As always one of the most anticipated events of the year did not disappoint! We were in a new location this year and the competition was as stiff as it always is. Our judges this year were AADL Associate Director of IT & Production, Eli Neiburger, Comics Are Great Podcaster and Kids Read Comics founder, Jerzy Drozd and local artist, Jeremy Wheeler. It takes a full three hours for the judges to pour over the 200 or so entries, but they had a blast doing it and made their decisions. NEW this year were the PEOPLE's CHOICE awards! Anyone who attended the contest and saw the entrires from 6-7:30 were invited to vote for their favorite within each of the six age categories. Congratulations to the 2012 winners! We will have photos loaded soon as well.


1st Place = Milo Varnum
Runner-Up = Iggy Reem
Honorable Mention = Emma Khu
People's Choice = Milo Varnum
Best Motorized = Alexander Smith
Best Architectural/Engineering = Kevin Chu
Coolest Robot = Kaiden Davis
Best Vehicle = Dominic Nazario
Most Creative = William Epps
Most Sophisticated = Theo Sacks-Thomas
AADL LEGO Master Builder = Daniel Mazza
Most Enigmatic = Elijah Davis

Grades K-2

1st Place = Hudhaifah Rehman
Runner-Up = Maxwell Mayman
Honorable Mention = Devayani Pradhan
People's Choice = Micah Davis
Best Motorized = Armann Kamat
Best Architectural/Engineering = Keegan Globke
Coolest Robot = Joseph Bonenberger
Best Vehicle = Ocean Brabbs
Most Creative = Heeryun Kim
Most Sophisticated = Adir Vuppala
AADL LEGO Master Builder = Noah Nieman
Most Magical = Elise Meints

Grades 3-5

1st Place = Betsy Nieman
Runner-Up = Derek Mrachko
Honorable Mention = Anisha Fujii
People's Choice = Elliot Varnum
Best Motorized = Koen Van Nieuwstadt
Best Architectural/Engineering = Kyan Stevdle
Coolest Robot = Grant Pierfelice
Best Vehicle = Liam Farr
Most Creative = Sofiya Palcyzinski
Most Sophisticated = Alina Mankowski
AADL LEGO Master Builder = Elliot Varnum
Most Delicious = Abby Dobson
Most Sustainable = Aakarsh Verma
Most Career-Advancing = Bach Nguyen

Grades 6-8

1st Place = Leah Fleming
Runner-Up = Celeste Forester
Honorable Mention = Ryan Sauer
People's Choice = Lesh Fleming
Best Motorized = Robby Duquette
Best Architectural/Engineering = Justin Nieman
Coolest Robot = Hamza Khan
Best Vehicle = Taras Palczynski
Most Creative = Jeffrey Brooks-Conrad
Most Sophisticated = Kareem El-Tawil
AADL LEGO Master Builder = Casmir Mankowski
Best Flyswatter Based Summer Blockbuster = Peter Johnson
Leafiest Giant = Beatrix Dergis
Best Simulation of Ann Arbor Zombie Apocolypse = Oliver Mayman

Grades 9-12

1st Place = Logan Benton
Runner-Up = Cameron McLaughlin
Honorable Mention = Kevin Tian
People's Choice = Logan Benton
Best Architectural/Engineering = Alianha Porter
Coolest Robot = Alex Morey
Best Vehicle = Luke Thompson-Kolar
Most Creative = Bethany Pletzer
Most Sophisticated = Lee Thompson-Kolar


1st Place = Allen Ano
Runner-Up = Nieka Apell
Honorable Mention = Brian Mickey & Max & Rose Locke
People's Choice = Allen Ano
Best Architectural/Engineering = Sherif El-Tawil
Coolest Robot = Michele Loewe
Most Creative = Richard Mascotto
Most Sophisticated = Joshua Bartell
AADL LEGO Master Builder = David Papp


Wow... That's so cool. Go LEGOS! I hope they have the pictures up very soon; I would love to see the wonderful creations these talented people made.

Can't wait to see the photos!

Go Legos! :)

I bet what the preschoolers made were so cute! Can't wait to see the pics!

congrats to all the winners!

Congratulations to the winners.

Always miss this will try to go next year.


Any ideas on where and when the pics will be posted? I'm so bummed I missed this - it sounds like it would've been really cool!!

Wish I could see pictures!

Just wanted to let you guys know that we are working on posting pictures... please stay tuned -- they will be coming soon! : )

Where are the photos???