Animals at Pittsfield!

Steve Marsh, our very favorite wildlife expert, is returning this Thursday, August 9th, to the Pittsfield Branch Library for a 1 pm and a 3 pm program all about crawling, climbing, slithering creatures. Steve has rescued animals from all over the world and given them safe, healthy homes at the Creature Conservancy. This program is for K and up.


Oh my god, that is what I call true heroism! Sounds cool too.

Great job, Steve!

Why does it say submitted on 8/9/2012 at the top, but peoples comments are from 8/6/2012 and 8/7/2012...

This was so fun and informative! My 6 year old and I loved it!

One of the best programs we've been to this summer. Pete the Skunk was a huge hit!

He is very nice to animals. Does he have birds?

I wonder if he has ever rescued a koala