Minecraft 1.3.1 has been released, AADL server status

Minecraft 1.3.1 was released today. Until Bukkit updates their server mod to be compatible with 1.3.1, we'll be staying on 1.2.5.

If you've updated your Minecraft client and then connect to our server, you'll get told our server is outdated and then be disconnected.

If you're daring, you can check out a tool like MC Downgrader which is being updated for the 1.3.1 to 1.2.5 downgrade as I type this.

Otherwise, check out the updates and enjoy the new features of Minecraft while we wait for Bukkit.


There's no firm word from Bukkit yet on when the new version will be available. A new development build that some servers are having success with was released an hour ago. We'll wait to see what results others have with it before we install it here.

Even then, I'll be making a full backup of the world and server code in case we don't like the results of the development build. I'll update this evening.

Well, that didn't go well. In the past 24 hours, they've released 13 different development builds. Various problems ensued, including one that messed up our overview map. I've rolled back the changes and we'll sit on 1.2.5 a while longer yet. None of these development builds have been given recommended status by the Bukkit developers, so it was a long shot in the first place.

I do see that a few of you have kept your old clients and thus are still able to connect. I'll leave the server up and running so you can keep on building.

Just wanted to keep all of you up to date. Bukkit is still releasing test builds at a steady pace, but there are still server crashing or map ruining bugs they need to work out.

Bukkit has released a recommended build for 1.3.1 this morning. I'm taking the server down, making a complete backup of code and world and trying out the new build.

If you run into any issues, please let me know.

I would recommend holding off on any major improvements to your building projects in case some new bugs show up.

@kip mcnostalgia is what i always used, i can get back to befor i baught minecraft :D

I originally was going to suggest MCNostaglia, but when I checked out their patch list, it didn't include 1.2.5. I see that it does now though.

Hopefully all a moot point as I install the 1.3.1 and new Bukkit.

ahh, well i dont think i actually used it, i was going to download the one for 1.3 but then my internet died, so now im at the library :D
i was on vacation when they releced it so i havent used it that much yet...