Game + Watch: Electron Event

Sunday July 29, 2012: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

Is there anything better than playing video games? Playing video games while watching the perfect movie! Join us for a lazy afternoon of games, movies, soda and popcorn. Prizes awarded for best theme-related costume and game play-related contests.

This month's games might include racing light bikes and disk battles. Can you guess what we'll be watching?

This event is for Grade 9 - Adult.


I only wonder if it is the newer sequel or the original from my formative years. I hope to convince my teen to go.

Wait a minute...did you switch the original order of the Game + Watch events? The Summer Game badges seem to indicate that the 7/29 event is pirate-themed and that this eleTRONic event is on 8/26? :confused:

Thanks, CherylO, I messed up the dates on the badges! They're fixed now. Sunday is indeed the ElecTRON event, and it's the Classic version.

This sounds like a really fun event! I hope I can go.

Yeah, I hope I can go to this event, also.

Thanks for clearing up my confusion! I'm looking forward to both events!

Is this event going to be 9-Adult or 6-Adult?

This event was really fun! I hope I can go to the next Game+Watch! :)

My daughter and I had a very nice time. We look forward to the next one!