Don't make this mistake on your exams..

I Can't Do Homework
I can't do homework.. its makes me sick.

SAT prepping kid #1: What's hydrolysis?
SAT prepping kid #2: Dude, don't you play Grand Theft Auto? Hydrolysis is what makes the cars bump up and down.
SAT prepping kid #3: Um...Hydrolysis is the splitting of things in water.
SAT prepping kid #2: Whatever. Same thing.

--overheard on 2 train near Borough Hall (New York City)


Funny web site... it reminds me of something I heard on one of the metro trains in Washington, D.C.

Man: It's like how you drive on a parkway and park in a driveway.
Woman: And drive on a highway!

She was sort of missing the point...

I bet she didn't do too well on the analogy section of the SATs...

Wife: Do you know what a coupon book is?
Husband: Uh, YES.
(Said by a couple sitting next to me on a plane from Florida to Texas)