Screen Printing Workshop!

Monday, September 24 | 7-8pm | Pittsfield Branch | Grades 6-Adult

During this hands-on workshop you'll get a chance to screen print onto paper or cloth, using ready-made screens and designs. You’ll have a choice between printing an adorable animal design onto a tote or tea towel we supply (or on a cloth item that you bring in), OR you can print an AADL dinosaur design onto cardstock. That’s right, we’ll have two snazzy designs and two screen printing stations set up, ready for you to DIY.

To learn more about screen printing, check out these books as a resource. This DIY event is for Grades 6- Adult, and takes place at Pittsfield on Monday, September 24, from 7-8:00pm. See you there!


I'm disappointed that I'll have to miss this event. I would love to be able to try screen printing. Guess I'll have to look at the resources.

I think this is a really cool event that is a good way for people to get crafty and artistic :)

I hope I can figure out where this is. Should have researched it beforehand!


I wish I could've gone to this event.....

Will they reschedule this event?

Yes, the event will be rescheduled for a later date! Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope the block printing replacement was fun!

In addition, we have an all-ages Print Extravaganza on August 19 that involves screen printing a glow-in-the-dark poster... Hope to see you there. :)