Chad Everett, hunky 70s TV heartthrob with ties to Michigan, has died

Chad Everett, who played Dr. Joe Gannon in the 1970s medical drama, Medical Center, died July 24 at his Los Angeles home.

Born in South Bend, IN, he and his family relocated to Dearborn, MI for his father's work (he was an auto parts salesman). Everett was a student at Fordson High and later attended Wayne State University.

Medical Center aired on CBS from 1969 to 1976. In one episode, Everett's character, surgeon Joe Gannon, treated a mentally disturbed football star, played by O.J. Simpson.

In How's Your News?, a 2004 documentary that tracks five charismatic reporters and journalists with mental and physical challenges, one of the principles interviews Everett, his childhood idol.

Mr. Everett went on to other series and acting roles. The last one was in the Castle Season 4 (on order) episode, The Blue Butterfly which aired on February 6th of this year.

Mr. Everett, who suffered from lung cancer, was 75.


RIP Chad Everett. :(

The "Blue Butterfly" episode of Castle was amazing.. he was a great actor in it.