Duct Tape Fun for Families

Wednesday July 25, 2012: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

Help your child create colorful and sturdy bookmarks, flip-flops, hats or whatever you can imagine!

This event is for Grades K - 5 with an adult.


I've seen this kind of stuff on youtube, it sounds so fun!

i wish that i could do this :(

That's okay, I don't think I can go either! :(

wish i could do this. way to old again :( but it sounds like alot of fun.

I find some things I'm too old for, fun, and I can't attend because of age. Or just because I'm a kid way older than the others in the room, and it looks strange

Yeah. that happens to me a lot of times too.... :(