New Graphic Novel Series

After plowing through all the classics you were setting aside for summer (and the Summer Game), you’re probably ready for some fun, engaging reading material. Check out AADL’s latest graphic novel series and start a whole new chapter! Apologies for the pun.

Soldier Zero – Capt. Stewart Trautmann’s tour in Afghanistan comes to an end when he loses his legs to a roadside IED. He returns home dejected and crippled, but his fortunes change again when an encounter with an alien parasite changes him into a hybrid superhero. Now he finds himself embroiled in a very different war.
Boneyard – A young man inherits a graveyard from his grandfather. To his surprise, the inhabitants of this plot of land are not dead, not human, and not interested in moving. Get out your pitchforks and torches!
Planet of the Apes – How did the balance of power on Earth shift so much as to place humans in bondage to apes? This new series takes place long before the astronaut Taylor’s return to a much-changed planet.
Tanpopo – Tanpopo has super-human intelligence, but cannot experience emotions. She longs to change this, and enlists the help of Kuro, a shape-shifting creature who offers her the chance to experience love and happiness. For a price, that is. The volumes of this series correspond with and allude to great literary classics, beginning with Goethe’s Faust.


Boneyard's description kind of reminds me of the Night at the museum movies.

Soldier Zero is exactly what happens to the character Flash Thompson in the Spider-Man series. He loses his legs, but the government gives him the Venom symbiote which gives him back his legs and he becomes a secret soldier.

the image is cool

is Soldier Zero good?

These graphic novels sound really good.

That's a really good point, Spidon. I hadn't made the connection to Venom. Maybe Soldier Zero's arch-nemesis will be a guy who was bit by a radioactive tarantula. Let's call him.....Tarantulaman.

I hope I can read some of these books.

Pun was very punny. :D