Maker Works Craftshop: LED Lit, Laser-Engraved Plaques

Tuesday July 24, 2012: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

What could be cooler than playing with lasers and LEDs? The staff of Maker Works will lead this geeky craft workshop and discuss the basics of laser engraving and LEDs. Maybe some of the bravest will even get to do some soldering! This project will take the entire time to complete, so please arrive early.

This event is for grades 6 - adult.


This looks really fun!

I hope I can go! :)

I hope I can go 2

...Lasers! I've never truely played with one...but my parents usually don't bring me to events, no time *sign*

I'm looking forward to it!

cant wait to go

oh wait..where is this?

nvm downtown

Why does it have to be on a Tuesday.... *sigh*

Thanks for this event, and especially thanks to the Maker Works members who were there! I had some great and geeky conversations with other participants.

Thanks! That was fun... Wish I'd brought my reading glasses with me, though, so I could have done a better job soldering :)

It was also fun talking to the two ladies about computers and iPads and other tech stuff ...

The event was super awesome! I am really glad that I went to this one...

I wish I could have gone....