Night Crew - Saturday July 21- Pittsfield Branch - 1-2pm and again from 3-4pm - Grades K-12

What's it like to be a nighttime predator? We'll learn about the habitats, adaptations, life cycles, conservation, food webs and classification of nocturnal birds when three owls visit from the Leslie Science & Nature Center. Don't miss this great opportunity to get a close view of a Barn Owl, Eastern Screech Owl and a Barred Owl. This event will be offered twice in its entirety, once from 1-2pm and again from 3-4pm. The first show tends to fill up quickly, so you may want to plan on attending the 3-4pm performance to get a better seat. This event is intended for grades K-12.


Ooh... I hope I can go! :)

Interesting event

Sounds cool!

Yay! I can probably go since my piano lesson is at 11:30!!

I hope I can go! :)

This seems so cool!
I want to go but i cant! ;(

So jealous of those who got to see the owls!

Yeah...I wish I could go, too.

I can't go... I have a math class... :(

I just remembered, I can't go... :(

Sad, I'm here now

Re: Bookbird

At Malletts Creek?

Cool! I hope I can go!

Just so you know, lucky2011, the event was already over by the time you posted that comment.



What's nice?

Sounds awesome !

very cool

was at Pittsfield

Did you go to the event?

yes. the person talked about things I already know

Grammer Nazi! XD
I already knew...

I'm multitasking! commenting and searching for badges. treasure quest too!


seems fun :)

I wana go:(

nocturnal birds are ool. whyre they doing it twice? when is it?


I wish I got to see the owls. :(

Me too... :(

Me three!!! :(


Morgsush aka. Jessica is funny...XD

Hellos Grace...

I only caught the end of the event, but I suppose it worked out ok because we saw an owl from LSC at Huron River day the previous weekend.

They had owls there? I only saw butterflies...

Butterflies? I thought butterflies weren't nocturnal?

is it over?

how many nocturnal creatures are there?

Oh. That explains it pretty well.

I think.

Yeah. Yes it does.

21 new comments here. wow. I went to huron river day. it was educational, fun, and I got lots of free stuff. Not sure the same can be said for my sister. fun, yes, stuff, yes, but her learning? Eehhhhhh.

What about her learning?

New animal program this Thursday at Traverwood.

Cool! :)

Really? I wish I could go...

I love all the free stuff that some fairs have. Did you see the giant millipedes at Huron River Day? My kids got a big kick out of them (they're 9 and 7), although I didn't like seeing such huge bugs.

I saw them! They were cute. :D

I think I saw them, but I saw so many other things it gets hard to remember what happened

Man, I missed it.


this was pretty cool

You went? Lucky...

I think it's great to expose kids to nature like this!

Even if it was very hot that day .......

Sounds great

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It seems like fun, too bad it already passed :(

This seems like something my friend would've liked.

I play with my friends!

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We all play Summer Game together... Doesn't that count as playing?

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