Sound Science!

Thursday, August 30 | 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm | Malletts Creek Branch Program Room

Make a joyful noise! For thousands of years, folks in Australia have been using a musical instrument called the Didgeridoo to create music. In this Summer Science program, we'll be turning an ordinary object into a maker of this big cool sound and learning about the science that explains the noise, too!

Here is a list of cool books about sound and music science.

This event is for grades K - 5.


This sounds like a lot of fun.


i've never heard of a didgeridoo. too bad i'm to old for this event. perhaps i can find it online! :)

I feel so bad about not going to this event...

This was a really fun event. The kids loved it - and their "homemade" Digeridoo. Thanks!