10th Teen Graffiti Art Contest!

The Graffiti Art Contest has occurred each year during the Ann Arbor Art Fairs since 2003. Teens in Grades 6-12 are invited to come down and make a piece of art in the library parking lot using materials provided by the library. All entries are displayed in a month-long exhibit in the library. Link here to see entries from previous years. Latex gloves, paint shirts, paint and boards are provided by the library. Celebrate Art!

Local illustrator and design artist, David Zinn will be judging the art pieces, selecting the top three artists who will receive gift certificates to Michael's Arts & Crafts store. Zinn's artistic style and professional approach are grounded in a desire to communicate concepts clearly, and with a sense of humor. David has created posters, business logos, book illustrations, educational cartoons, museum signage, and t-shirt designs among others. Winners will be announced shortly after 1:00 pm.


that is so cool that david zinn is judging


looks cool. whos that?

I hope I can see the winners art!

That seems cool

they should do these contests more often !