Genealogy - 1940 Census Records

Tuesday | July 24th | 7 - 9 pm | Malletts Creek

Join us in the training center at Malletts Creek to explore the 1940 Census records released last April by the U.S. National Archives. Learn online research tools available at AADL and beyond. Can't make the class? Check out the genealogy resources @ AADL.

Recent genealogy books:
Mastering census & military records by Daniel Quillen
Hey, America, your roots are showing : adventures in discovering news-making connections, unexpected ancestors, long-hidden secrets, and solving historical puzzles by Megan Smolenyak
Genealogy online by Elizabeth Powell Crowe

Genealogy videos:
Who do you think you are?
Faces of America

Genealogy magazine: Family tree magazine

Registration is not required. Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and the rooms open 15 minutes before the classes begin. Check out the complete computer class schedule.

HEY! You found a hidden something! And here it is: THESIXTHCENSUS


thats kinda wierd; imagine people in 2070 looking at our records

Actually, in the year 2070 people will only have access to the 1990 census records. The 2000 census records won't be made public until 2072, and the 2010 records won't be available to the public until 2082. How weird is that?! :D

Genealogy nerds rule.

In 2082, I expect to own a hovercraft.

Lol, darla. :D

that seems cool and wierd at the same time...


I hope we learn how to go back further

In 2082 I would expect myself to own a robot to do all my chores, a hovercraft and/or a jet pack.

If Back to the Future is any indication, I think we're getting ahead of ourselves :-)

Thanks, AADL, for making this information easily available!

lol mayb they expect everyone to be dead by the time we look at their records. why would i want to look at 1940 census records?

If you're trying to follow the progress of your ancestors, the census records can be useful. Personally, neither of my parents were alive yet, but I could look up where my grandparents were and perhaps some of what they were doing.

i wonder who was born in 1940

That's........ cool. :)

My dad would be pretty interested in this..

So, they aren't released until around 70 years after they are collected? What new information will becomes available? You can get summary statistics for the most recent census collection... how much can you get from those old records?

I wonder why they wait so long to release them - it's not as if our privacy would be grossly violated to see where our parents were born, they obviously wouldn't be in the same place now.

It's amazing how much cool stuff AADL does! But why wasn't this released sooner?