Full Day Kindergarten

Ann Arbor Kindergarteners are going to school for a full day beginning this fall. This means they will have more time for ABCs, 123s, and stories We have fun picture books and informational books for parents, to help your future fulltime Kindergartener get in the mind set!


Good luck, future Kindergarteners!

Why the change

ikr so dumb

I would leave Ann Arbor if i had to go through that. I'd be like, "Any other city, here i come!"

Cute!!!! :@

The full day kindergarten is a mandate from the state. If MI schools do not comply, they would only receive half the funding and it would not cover the cost of the half day program.

Full day kindergarten is such a benefit to the kids. I'm excited for this change.

Great news! It seems wasteful to transport the kids twice as much. It also saves the parents whose children need full day kindergarten the trouble of taking them to a school which is more distant.

kindergarten is boring

not great news id rather be in 10th grade the grade im going 2 than kindergarten the teachers yell at them all the time no teacher is gonna yell at me