Time For A Cool Down

Back to school ads may already be in the papers, but it’s still summer!! And it’s still plenty warm. In the thick of summer, what’s better than an ice cream treat? Or how about a homemade ice cream treat? Even Better.

There are several books with a plethora of recipes to get your mouth watering. If you’re in the mood for homemade frozen treats such as ice cream, popsicles, shaved ice, sherbet, gelato, granitas, ice cream cones, merengue nests, mousse, or perhaps ice cream cake, check out The Ultimate Frozen Dessert Book or The Ultimate Ice Cream Book. Not all the recipes call for an ice cream maker! For even more books with frozen treat recipes, see this great list of more AALD-owned titles. Happy making!



Yummy. :)

*mouth waters* Yummy... P -:

looks so good

Awesome, I hope I do not have to wait to long for the book.

yes you do because i requested it and its gonna take awhile for me 2 return

This looks delicious!

I've noticed those back to school ads. It's not even August yet!

I wish I could eat one of those recipes. :)