Nature's Recyclers: Vultures, Rats & Roaches - Tuesday July 17, 2012 - Pittsfield Branch - 1-2pm - Grades K-12

Learn to love nature’s unhuggables with a visit from a turkey vulture, rat, and cockroaches from the Leslie Science & Nature Center. If you've wanted to get a closer look at the roaches from the Pittsfield exhibit, then now's you chance, and there may even be an impressive new species brought along as well. We'll discover the important role of scavengers and recyclers in our everyday lives as we learn about habitats, adaptations, life cycles, conservation, food webs, classification, decomposers, scavengers and recycling. This event is intended for grades K-12.


This'll be a great opportunity to clear up the bad name that scavengers and recyclers get and learn more about them. :)

I would love to learn more about scavengers and all that stuff! It has been years since I learned about them!

This event looks really cool! I hope can come.

Wow. It's one of those events where it is grades K-12. (Happy) :)

yes! it hasn't passed yet. perhaps i can make it.

I just saw this; my kids would have loved to attend. Hope it is repeated.

Hopefully it is repeated before school starts. :)

Wow, just missed it. Sad.

My daughter saw the Pittsfield exhibit and did not want to look any closer at the roaches, so this is one she did not mind missing.

I though the program was pretty cool.

they wont kick you out b/c youre not in age group in the other ones

i love animals and im going to go to this

Just so you know, it already happened.

But it's probably going to happen again! :)

Yes, please re-do this one!

I can't believe I missed the turkey vulture!

Love the picture of the adult turkey vulture!