Baltimore: Volume 1: The Plague Ships

The Great War in Europe has ended with no victor because of a plague and an infestation of vampires. Lord Baltimore a British one-legged veteran of the war becomes the scourge of the undead after being wounded on the battlefield and witnessing a horrific attack on his men by vampires. He too is attacked by the vampire Haigus and manages in desperation to gravely wound him. Haigus swears vengeance and thus the plague is set in motion. Is there any way Baltimore prevent the end of humanity?

The team of Mike Mignola and Christoper Golden bring you Baltimore: The Plague Ships. Horror fans don’t miss this one or others in the series. This is graphic novel gothic horror at its best.


I'll be sure to check this book out! :)

This looks like a good book.

I remember when we learned about plague. This book looks interesting!!

It's nice to find a book in a series, so if I really like it there's more to come :)

i dont think so. ikwym try the sword of truth

umm... cool?