Bus riders! TransitTime + has added AATA's The Ride to its app

The Ann Arbor Transportation Authority just announced that the award-winning app, TransitTimes + has added Ann Arbor to its list of more than 50 cities that provide details about their transportation modes to this popular app.

Now you can easily locate The Ride's bus schedules, the location of your particular bus and its arrival time, or map out and save a route to a new location.

To see how easy this app is to use, check out TransitTimes' YouTube channel here.

For more information about this app and to see the growing list of U.S. and international cities being added all the time, click here.


Thank you for bringing it to my/the community's attention!

Yays for Ann Arbor! :D

So who has used this app with AATA info? Is it a good app?

I have used this app and it works just fine.

One quick finicky thing to add, if you're searching for it on the iTunes store: It's TransitTimes+ (with an S)...

I usually just used Google maps with the bus-route button, but I'll give this a shot if it's potentially more accurate/ more frequently updated!

(I'll report back if I have any feedback)

Thanks, Mariah.

Not at all picky. I just corrected it.

Have you ever looked at http://hopstop.com/ -- HopStop. What do you think?

Great news! When taking the bus it's always good to have more info available, in case of changes in your plans.

Aw, thanks! I haven't used HopStop before... it looks like it's not in Ann Arbor quite yet, but I'll give it a shot the next time I'm in Chicago!