Coney Detroit

It’s summer and things are hot and busy. Time to grab a dog, a Coke, and head to the beach. Perhaps a coney dog has your number, and if so, you aren’t alone. Apparently no one in the world is as crazy about coney dogs as metro Detroit is. Have you ever thought about the sheer amount Coney Island restaurants? Ever thought about the technique of what constitutes a great coney dog, or perhaps a coney pizza, coney omelette, or coney wrap?

The book Coney Detroit talks about the lore, the history, and the business of all things coney. It focuses on some establishments in Flint, Jackson, Port Huron, Kalamazoo, and Traverse City. It’s a fun little book, chock full of photos, for those interested in all things local.

The book is a collaboration of twenty, and was written by Katherine Yung (Detroit Free Press reporter) and Joe Grimm. It was photographed by EXPOSURE.Detroit and printed in Detroit. Interestingly, all proceeds from the book go to the Gleaners Community Food Bank.


This looks really fascinating. Thanks for highlighting something dealing with local history! I put it on hold immediately. :)

sounds like an awesome book!

This looks cool.

Funny, when something is as pervasive as coney dogs, I don't often stop to think that it may be unique to the local area. After mentioning it, I never have seen as many Coney Island restaurants as I have in Michigan.

Love reading about local history and culture. Please keep highlighting local subjects and authors. sometimes it's easy to overlook these books unless somebody points you to them. I've got myself on the request list as well!


Glad to hear you're digging the local stuff! Here's AADL's page that includes link to lists of more local books and subjects:

It will pull up the items that have been tagged in the catalog as "michigan author," etc.

This is great! On a recent visit out west, former Metro-Detroiters I was hanging out with were all excited because a Coney Island had opened in LA. They may be totally ubiquitous here, but that's definitely not so elsewhere!

I didn't know we had a local creators page. What a wonderful resource! Thanks for pointing that out as well!

Very interesting... I always like learning about local history! :)

It makes me hungry. But it also reminds me of Joseph Kony...