Racing Machines

Come make your own balloon-powered cars at the Racing Machines program! We’ll build the cars and see how fast they go.

Want to learn about the science behind cars and speed?

Toy and Game Science, by Peter Pentland and Pennie Stoyles
Inside and Out Guide To Speed Machines, by Steve Parker
How Does a High-Speed Train Work?, by Sarah Eason

Or learn about how to build other kinds of cars and machines!
Pinewood Derby Designs and Patterns by Troy Thorne
Pinewood Derby Speed Secrets, by David Meade
Build Your Own Car, Rocket, and Other Things That Go, by Tammy Enz

This program is for grades K-5 and will be held at the Pittsfield Branch at 2pm on Tuesday, August 28.


This sounds fun.

I hope I can go...

same here. unlikely though

This is cool.

Balloon powered cars? Cool...

Hopefully there will be another one of these events this summer.

Zhengyang1022, this event will repeat on Tuesday, Aug 28th at the Pittsfield Branch!

Oh, thanks! :)

I missed this event, but oh well it was for K-5 anyways.

Good point....

I wish they could make some k-8 events, though.

that looks awesome.

This is from last year...

I wonder why the staff put these extra stuff in when the events were already over with...

I was looking forward to this even, but then I read the comments and saw that this is from last year. Bummer!!

so would have liked to do this but I couldn't

especially cause it was last year

forgot to edit