The Caterpillar Eggs Have Hatched! Come Visit the Caterpillars!

The Cecropia Moth eggs have hatched, and we have a batch of fuzzy little 1st instar caterpillars happily munching away on Black Walnut leaves. The 1st instar will only last for about 1 week, so visit Malletts Creek soon if you want to see them before they molt and start developing some very colorful patterns. There's also a new game code worth 200 points to celebrate the arrival of the caterpillars.


Exciting to see God's creation.

Cool I can't wait to go to mallets.

I hope my parents will let me go to Malletts sometime soon.

Hope I can go to Mallets soon! :)

Wait.... is the new code going to replace to old (ish) one?


Me too I want to go see them

Zhengyang1022, yep the new code replaced the old egg code. If you still need it the desk staff at Malletts can probably be talked into providing the old code.

This is exciting. The catterpillars are cute.

Not again! This is the second time! Got the code. missed the first two

On Thursday I was heading to Mallets Creek to see the eggs (only to find out they were closed for the power outage). I'll have to see if I can get the code I missed

This is the second code right?

No, I think it's the third.

Really? I thought it was the second...

at school, we hatched caterpillars. i held one in my hand, it was really cool.

My mom used to catch caterpillars in the garden for the sole purpose of us getting to watch them transform :)


Eric's family is big into caterpillars and butterflies. They are amazing to see develop.