Final update; Malletts and Pittsfield Branches back to normal hours

After overlapping power outages, Malletts Creek branch reopened Friday morning 7/6, and Pittsfield branch will reopen for normal hours at 9 AM Saturday July 7. Thanks for your patience during these outages and welcome back!


Aww, and I wanted to visit the caterpillars! Oh well...
I hope the power gets restored soon!

Will hold due today be held over until tomorrow?

Yep! Holds that would have been pulled today will remain on the hold shelf until the Library closes tomorrow night.

Thanks so much for your quick reply!

So sorry to see that this morning! I returned some items anyway, as one was due. Hope they'll be credited for today and that you are up and running soon.

Yup, we will do checkins as of today when we open, nobody will be charged for overdues due to power outage! Thanks willow!


this was not cool

I went in around 1pm and the library was open at Pittsfield.

You're right, the power went out at Pittsfield at about 5:30 PM. Bad day for the local grid!

We were affected by both outages. We headed to Mallets Creek (without checking the website) to see the moth exhibit, only to find out that it was closed. So we headed to Pittsfield instead. About twenty minutes after we got there the power went out. It worked out ok for us, because we were leaving soon anyway. I felt bad for people who were working on the computers and lost their work. That hurts.

The last update I heard was that power would be out in the area until Sunday evening. Will the Pittsfield library have to wait until then to reopen, or is there another power source they have available?

ilyjtwya, Pittsfield will reopen when there is power from the grid. Watch this space for more updates as we have them!

Most recent update from dte has a crew dispatched with an estimate of power between 9:30 and 11:30 tonight.

Is it open yet?

imracom, Malletts is now open, but Pittsfield is still closed without power. Thanks for your patience!

Yay! Mallets is open now! :)

Pittsfield are going to re-open today at 9:00

No way! I didn't know there were power outages over there, how crazy!

I'm so happy Pittsfield is open now!


Yay! They are finally open!

Malletts and Pittsfield are finally open! :)


Yeah, thank you.