NOW OPEN: The 2012 Summer Game Shop!

COME ON IN! The 2012 Summer Game Shop is NOW OPEN, with new items, favorite items, mystery items and secrets yet to come! But first, we're proud to introduce our new standard items:

Just visit the Summer Game Shop to browse our selection of amazing AADL premia! Need points? Just Get Started playing the Summer Game to earn points you can spend in the shop by using your library ALL SUMMER LONG!

If you were around last summer, you know this is only the beginning! There are mystery items yet to be revealed, super packages waiting in the wings, and if you've been paying close attentions, constant hints about some kind of SECRET SHOP coming later this month!

You can spend any available Summer Game points in the shop, even the ones you might have left over from Summer Game 2011, and you can pay from an extra player's points if you'd like! Please note that Points-o-matic points and Treasure Quest points are not Summer Game Points and don't count towards your available shop balance, which is shown right there at the top of your player page for your reference. Shop orders are filled weekly, so watch your email or phone for a notification that your order is ready for pickup, then just ask for your order at the desk at your chosen pickup location!

Enjoy the Summer Game shop, and THANKS FOR PLAYING!


can't wait to see the mystery prized

The messenger bag looks nice, but what are the dimensions? I have ( and like!) the tote bag from last year, but the messenger bag would be more useful when biking.

Kudos to the summer game crew for another round of hilarious item descriptions!

I wonder if the mystery prizes are the same as last year... I hope not, I hope they are BETTER!!!! Oh and do I want those headphones though that would be spending most of my points :(

Yay! It's finally open!!!

When are the mystery items going to be revealed? Is it going to be weekly, like the badge drops?

Also, I can't choose between the messenger bag and the tote bag. I don't really bike, though. I'm leaning toward the tote bag because my friend has it and it seems REALLY cool. But, the messenger bag seems more convenient. Any suggestions?

Are there going to be secret codes for when you buy the mystery items like last year?

I can't decide if I want to spent my points now or wait for the mystery prizes...

i can't wait for the mystery prizes and the secret shop.

Re: Spidon
I'm mostly waiting for the mystery items (some of then are combos, and I don't want to buy the same thing twice).

I think the messenger bag just looks cooler, but the logo tote bag is cool too. I'll probably buy one of both. (I know, I'm not really conservative of my points.)

super duper; happy 4th of July everyone.

I will happily wait to see the mystery items as the summer progresses. I am interested in the headphones, if only so I can hand them to my younger daughter who doesn't do so well with ear buds.

But it's not the 4th of July yet...

Yeaaa !!! Can't wait to see what's in the Mystery prizes.

So excited for this years shop!

I hope they will have some of the same mystery items!

I hope the mystery items are better than last years!

I'll probably get a messenger bag, since last year I got at least three of the tote bags. (The handle broke on one of them, though. Too many heavy library books, I guess.)

I bought a lot of tote bags,too.

Can't wait for the mystery items!

So what do you say, tote bag or messenger bag?

So what do you say, tote bag or messenger bag?
Edit: I. Hate. Duplicated. Comments.

Holster that itchy trigger finger (or mouse finger).

Just get one of each! (You certainly have the points for it...)

I'm kind of waiting for the mystery items to come out first (some of them are combo items, and I don't want to get two of the same thing).

That's probably a good idea. It's certainly what I'm doing c:

Already ordered the mousepad/puzzle thing! I couldn't resist :P

It is so cool how the puzzle is only one-piece!

I just bought a pair of headphones!
(there goes 15000 points)

and the one piece puzzle/ mouse pad (another 2000 points)

Wasn't there going to be an awesome, cool shop opening at the same time as the Summer game shop for point-o-matic points?

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

messa: In the post it says that it's opening later this month.

It occurs to me that the messenger bag would make for a good Pokemon trainer bag for cosplay.


I wonder how they even make the one-piece puzzle. It's so cool!

There are some neat looking items this year. I am looking forward to seeing what some of the mystery packages are this year, as well as the special shop.

Me too!!! I can't wait to see what is in the Secret Shop!

Are there going to be secret codes in the mystery items, like last year?

Nice. The prizes are better than last year. Eyes on the messenger bag!

I've never played the summer game before, and the stuff looks nice, especially that messenger bag. How is the quality on the items?

The one-piece puzzle looks really cool:)

The quality of the items are really good. (At least the things I bought)

I'm waiting to spend my points, too. I don't want to miss out on anything like those big combination packs they had last year. I'll feel foolish if I end up with doubles. Also, I got a tote bag last year and it was of really good quality.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

You can get mega points from volunteering to fill shop orders. Just email Eli at don't snork this). I plan to do it.

I love these items and especially their descriptions! Nice choices.

Re: smv
How do you even sign up to volunteer?

Ok, this may be the wrong place to ask, but are you allowed to delete teams (at least, the teams you created)?

But what about those who joined your team? I'm guessing either no one joined yours, or way too many joined.
Volunteering? Sounds nice.

Actually, I have about 6 people on my team. My friend asked me this, and I didn't know the answer, so I decided to ask here. Does anyone know if you can?

It would be fun to volunteer. It would also be nice, helping out with one of my favorite programs of the summer.

I would also like to volunteer. Where can you sign up?

Morgsush's slow computer.... Zhengyang1022, don't know. Try bombard method now?

Love the game shop - so excited to see the mystery items appear :-)

Love the new prizes so far can't wait to see some of the mystery priizes over the course of the game.

I am itching to buy stuff but I have to wait for the mystery prizes...

Hey morgsush, there's isn't a button to delete your team, but we can delete a team for you, just contact us to let us know the details.

So glad everybody likes the prizes, can't wait for you guys to see what we've got in store!

Oh, thanks eli!

Re: Rin
Seems like companies like to "advertise" here (last time there was a comment about handbags).
There are some adults playing the Summer Game (cherylo for one).

Can't wait to pick up my first order!

What did you buy?

A messenger bag and headphones. Blew through all my points. :-)

awesome. but the prizes are a bit dissapointing...

Re: pbapat
How? Were they too high or too low?

So random, but remember the Great Scott badge from last year? I'm pretty sure I found the book part for it, but I can't see the code. There's even a spot, if you scroll down, that says "Game Code", but nothing's under that. Where's the game code?

Why did you even go looking for the Great Scott badge form last year? Did you get it last year? I just checked it, it seems to be there. Is the code you don't have start with a P?

Actually I found a book that has the "Game Code" thing on the left side when you scroll down, but there's no actual game code. It goes directly from "Game Code" to "Tags". I don't know if it's a glitch or something else...

That is very odd, indeed. (I have all the Great Scott codes from last year, so I'm far too lazy to investigate :U )

Haha, I love the description for the duck. Absolutely hysterical!

P.S. Quack quackity quack :3

can't wait for the items to come! ordered my messenger bag today, how often do they send these presents to each branch? weekly?

Re: Morgsush
just search "great scott" in the catalog, and you'll find the book.

Re: Morgsush and Zhengyang1022
Use the 'Contact Us' link and select the topic as 'Summer Game'. Or, at least, that's what I did. Orders are filled on Thursdays.

And, it's Friday. Where are all the badges?

A little bit of badges already came out. :)

@SBNB, I got the tote bag and water bottle last year in one of the combos. The tote bag has held up all year (it is now my primary bag for library trips, because I got a RFID library card on carabiner with it). It's some kind of synthetic material, but mine hasn't cracked or developed holes. The water bottle is like one of the aluminum bottles that you pay big bucks for if you pay for a brand name (e.g. SIGG) but are fairly common as promotional items these days. So basically, the quality is pretty good. But I'm also wondering about the messenger bag (new this year), especially what size it is!

Yeah can't wait to buy !:)

Nice I want to get some headphones too!:)

Received my first summer game order when I came into work yesterday. It's always such a nice surprise to find that waiting for me! I'm looking forward to trying out the new messenger bag and the headphones.

Nice job on all the descriptions (which are hilarious) and the choice of prizes!

@SBNB: The quality is quite good. I, too, use the tote bags from last year as one of my primary bags for carrying stuff to and from the library/work. It holds up well even under the strain of the larger books like art books and such.

The messenger bag seems to be made out of the same type of material. It doesn't really seem to be any bigger than the totes, but the addition of the longer strap for cross-body wear seems like a huge plus to me! I'm looking forward to using it to take my holds home today.

Thanks for all the info on the quality! I didn't think they would be poor quality, I was just wondering because it is hard to tell from pictures. I got the messenger bag and the travel mug today, and both are very nice (especially the travel mug). The messenger bag is simple, but the marterial seems to be strong. My only wish is that it had zipper.

I think I probably over used it (and checked out too many heavy nonfiction books from the library,) but of the four AADL tote bags I have, the handle broke on one of them. So try not to overfill it or carry things that are too heavy, because even nice bags don't like that.

Hey, sdunav, would you post a review of the messenger bag? I want to know more about it, including how functional a teen might think it is.

Thank you everyone for not commenting up to 100 or so. Had a nice time at Niagara, even if I had to sit through 5 or 6 hours in car. I'm saving my points for the mysteries, if I like them. I also want the messenger bag, hope they don't run out.

You went to Niagara Falls? I don't know if you're lucky or not.

My family drove to Niagara Falls once on the way to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousin in Boston. It was pretty impressive, but being tired from the car ride definitely took some of the excitement away.

Me too

car ride=torture. stayed only one day. saw falls. got wet. feet tired

@cherylo: I used my messenger bag for the first time yesterday to take my holds home from the library. I was able to fit about 7 decent-sized books in it and the strap was plenty long enough to easily wear it cross body (and I'm a pretty large female). I have not tested out the headphone grommet yet.

As for how a teen would find it, I'd say it depends on what type of activity they'd be using it for. I don't think it'd be big enough to use as a schoolbag, for example, because I don't think you could fit more than about 2 textbooks in it (and in my experience, they usually have more than that to bring home for homework!). But for carrying miscellaneous things around, it would probably work just fine.

It is the same material as the totes so it's pretty sturdy and does have a nice handle to carry it with if you don't wish to use the strap. I'm pretty happy with it so far. :)

Hope that helps you!

@bookbird: I lived for a year in Buffalo so I would drive to see the falls a lot. The best days were the days when the weather conditions were just right and you could literally watch the mist from the falls form clouds. That's a pretty fascinating thing to watch. :)

i didn't get a perfect day, but at least it was sunny. rode the boat, saw lots of mist. the trolley broke down, had to ride another one.

It is so hard not buying anything. I hope nothing runs out before I get it...

Hopefully nothing will run out. When something I want is about to run out, I probably will buy it. (Like the messenger bag.)