Comics Fundamentals: A six-week series continues August 1

Wednesdays, July 11 thru August 15 | 6:00-8:00 PM | Pittsfield | Grades 9-Adult

Join cartoonist Jerzy Drozd as he helps you explore illustration and storytelling strategies used by professional cartoonists to create graphic novels, manga, and comic books. Learn how to choose the right moments in your story, how comics take advantage of the rules of art and literature and how the illustration style you choose contributes to the tone of your work.

THIS WEEK: Take a camera with you to your favorite place and snap at least six pictures of things you see that you like. Bring them to class. Also start thumbnailing your story and bring it with you to class.

Basic supplies (pencils, erasers, paper, etc.) are provided along with a weekly gamecode to add to your summer game totals. No registration required.


I would like to attend some of these, but the start time is a problem. Could I show up around 630?

Sure. You'll miss a bit of instruction but Jerzy can catch you up.

Great, Thanks!

Wow! This is super cool! Maybe I should attend

Cool, I hope I can attend! :)

Cool! I hope I can go.

I would so be there if it weren't for the fact my RPG group meets every other Wednesday. Would I be totally lost if I came every other session ? Consider a day of the week other than Wednesday for a future repeat, if that might happen. :-)

You are more than welcome to come every other week. AADL recorded this series back in 2010. You can watch the lessons by clicking here and scroll down the screen half way to the first video.


Thanks, Sharon!

This is really cool!

Thank you for posting the link to the video.
This looks like a great opportunity, but Wednesdays are already full.
I very much like that the Library is offering this series - for free.
And we should thank the cartoonist, Jerzy Drozd, as well. :)

Oh, I wish I could come to these! Too bad I'm busy Wednesdays...the only one I'd be able to make is the 18th. :( But thanks a lot for the link to the videos!

Yeah! Now I can watch the videos to make up for the sessions I miss!