AADL Presents Kids Rock Series @ TOP: Big Bang Boom

Sunday July 8, 2012: 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm -- Top of the Park (map)

Dance, listen and sing at TOP! Big Bang Boom is a North Carolina power pop trio that writes and performs parent-friendly kids' music. Their live show is high energy! From getting the kids onstage for the SpongeBob Chorus to the parents vs. kids Hokey Pokey Challenge, there's no sitting down! This event is for all ages.


Yay! I am SO coming (this may be my last chance to do Ingall's Quest)!

Do NEED a phone for Ingall's Quest (for texting)?

I always love these events!! I went to one of them and it was really good.


When I did the quest I was able to write down the codes and immediately used the Web browser on my phone to enter them. Each code you enter gives you a clue to the next location. However, if you write down the hints from someone else's ledger you can go at your own pace and not worry about entering them immediately. The only problem you'll have is that after the last code you can find, you have to get the final code from someone at the AADL tent. I imagine they will be happy to help you find a way if you can't use a phone to text the codes.

I think this is the last Ingalls Quest for 2012.... :( I hope my parents will let me go...

this is cool

I just noticed how much events there are this weekend.

...... there's KRC, Top of the Park, Ventriloquist, comics (Jerzy), .....

Yeah me too I love going to these events!

So cool! This sounds epic!

It was so much fun I had a blast!

It was much fun!
The baby and the kids danced until they dropped :-)

Too bad this was the last Top of the park event. :(