“I have lived with many Zen masters, all of them cats.”

There are many famous ”guardians of being” like the Buddha and Lao Tzu. Eckhart Tolle advises in his book Guardians of Being, to look no further than your dog or cat for your spiritual enlightenment. “It’s so wonderful to watch an animal, because an animal has no opinion about itself. It is.”

Actually all of nature is waiting to teach you how to Be. “Look at a tree, a flower, a plant. Let your awareness rest upon it. How still it is, how deeply rooted in Being. Allow nature to teach you stillness.”

Tolle joins his minimalist, soothing text with the sweetly comic illustrations of Patrick McDonnell, the creator of the comic strip Mutts. The result is simple and satisfying. You will smile big smiles. For a moment, you might just Be.

“Celebrate life by being completely present.”


Zen, the ultimate way of living.

There are many things we humans do in an attempt to "better" ourselves, but end up making things worse. I'll stick to watching my cats.

I think one of my dogs is probably the epitome of Zen master. Two of them, well, they're probably as far from enlightened as a dog can get. (The fourth one is just sort of in between.)


This sounds really cool! I never knew that my cat was my spiritual enlightenment (too cool)!

This looks amazing! My cat is certainly zen--except when food is involved. How have I not seen this book before?

This will be nice to read with my kids. They are crazy about their cats :)


sounds cool

I love this "Celebrate life by being completely present."

this book seems really interesting. and the title is really runny.