This Week In Booklists

June 29 DJ Shadow turns 40

June 30 The Congo became an independent country 52 years ago

July 1 International Blondie Month kicks off

July 2 World UFO Day

July 3 Idaho officially became the 43rd state on this date in 1890

July 4 Independence Day

July 5 Bikini day. Flaunt it.




Blondie month - is that like the bar cookies (brownies without the cocoa powder in the batter) ? Blonde people? Blondie the singer? And if the latter, how'd she get a whole month dedicated to her?

I've never heard of a whole month for Blondie - I'll gladly celebrate!
But it's not only 'bout Debbie... as their button said:
Blondie's a Group!

(I'll gladly eat some desserts, though, too!) ;)

Wow, I never knew there was such thing as Bikini day or International Blondie Month...

World UFO Day!!! :)

Time to go spot some UFOs! (But I refuse to do so wearing a bikini. Or to wear one at all, really.)

independence day is a very good movie

July 2, World UFO Day. Sounds interesting. :)

i didn't realize there was a day where you honor bikinis. cool