Take a Look. It's in a Book! and now...on your iPad!

Reading Rainbow began its 26-year run on PBS as a way to combat summer mind decay. Now it's taking the same goal to a different medium.

LeVar Burton, Reading Rainbow host, says: "What were kids doing in the 80's? Sitting in front of the television. So we went where they were to steer them back in the direction of where we wanted them to go." While television still accounts for the largest amount of children's screen time, it's not the only screen in town anymore. About half of children under 8 have access to some sort of mobile device.

So Burton and former film and television producer Mark Wolfe have co-founded the company RR Kidz. Their new iPad app incorporates classic Reading Rainbow segments, 16 new video "field trips" starring Burton, and 150 narrated interactive books. Each story comes with games and puzzles. Kids can design their own virtual backpacks, track the minutes they've read, and receive digital stickers as rewards for finishing new titles.

The Library has a large collection of DVDs of the original Reading Rainbow shows. For a trip down memory lane, take one home today!


I loved Reading Rainbow when I was growing up. I'm excited to show my kids the app.

The complete Reading Rainbow series is on Youtube as well, if you don't have an iPad but still want some 1980s Levar Burton goodness: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6E641FA917B13285&feature=plcp

This is quite cool! Thanks for sharing. I loved Reading Rainbow as a child. In 3rd grade we watched it in the library each week.

This is an amazing thing; however, I think they overestimate the number of people who own an iPad...

Just make it available online, and don't restrict it to a format that most people (and arguably the people who need it most) won't ever own.

I remember watching Reading Rainbow as a kid. It was one of my favorite shows :)

But if they want this app to reach people, they should, at the very least, make it compatible with the iPhone/iPod touch. And Android devices, too. As it is, not all that many people have iPads, and at least adding iPhones/iPod touches would increase the potential audience. (According to Wikipedia, about 67.1 million iPads have been sold, compared to 60 million iPod touches and 108+ million iPhones, for a total of 168+ million.)

I remember watching Reading Rainbow... I wish I had an iPad. :(

i remember reading rainbow!