The Cecropia Moths Have Produced Eggs! New Game Code Now Available!

A pair of the Malletts Creek Cecropia Moths have successfully bred, and just recently laid a significant batch of eggs in the exhibit. Visit them quickly before they hatch, which will occur sometime in the next five days to two weeks, and collect a new game code to earn 150 Summer Game points. This fresh batch of eggs herald the imminent return of the caterpillars, watch for them soon.


That is totally awesome! Totally excited!

This is so cool! I'll be sure to visit to see them. Thanks!

What!?! I just went to Malletts today!


So cool

Is the new code just replacing the old one?

Oh no! I didn't get to go to Mallets Creek in time! sad. :("""" Can you leave the old code there for a few more days? Pleaseeeeee......... It's frustrating. I live sooo near Mallets, yet I didn't get a chance to see it.

I saw the moths last week, and was amazed at how big they are - hope to get back in time to see the eggs.

The new code did replace the old code, but you can ask at the desk and the staff should be able to help you track down the previous code no problem. Watch for another new code when the eggs hatch!

I'll be there on Friday to get the new code!

OK. I feel better now.

I'm glad the moths are at Malletts Creek this year. It is easier for me to get to this library and I look forward to watching them this summer.


Cool! I'll be sure to check them out!

Too bad I'll never go to Malletts :U I kind of want to see these...

I wish I could have gotten the code.

I hope the eggs hatch soon! (Then there will be a new game code)

The eggs have hatched, new game code now available!