Duct Tape Balls!

If you are between Kindergarten and 8th grade and were wondering what to do this Wednesday, join us at the Pittsfield Branch in the Program Room from 2:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. to make your very own duct tape bouncy ball!

You can make a very special ball that will be incredibly durable and will last most, if not all summer long! Imagine playing kickball in your backyard, soccer at the park, or even volleyball at the beach! You are sure to get lots of compliments on your amazing, new duct tape creation!


I hope my parents will let me go...

Yes! I just noticed it was K-8!

sounds fun

it was really cool.

Wish I could have gone and wasn't working.

This was super fun! The inside is two balloons, and the outside is whatever kind of duct tape you want! What a great idea!

I am so sad I couldn't go. :'(

Zhengyang1022, I hope the same thing, only for me.

This almost makes me wish to be back in middle school. Not that much, though.

I bet this was fun, and I am glad to see the younger kids get a chance to join the duct tape fun.

I think my kids would have enjoyed this. Too bad I didn't see it until after it had ended.

Another great summer activity offered by AADL

Thanks to everyone who came out! We had a great turnout and the finished products were amazing. The good news for all of you who would have liked to come to this program but couldn't make it, is that we are offering it again Saturday, July 14 from 2-3 P.M. at Pittsfield. So mark your calendars!

Sounds like fun, I can't wait

I think this is sort of babyish

Ugh... I wish I could've gone, but I was at an overnight camp. :(

This looks interesting. How do I make one?

What kind of overnight camp did you go too?

I really hope I can go to the second one!

Thanks for your interest in the craft tomiwa! This ball is actually pretty simple to make. You will need two balloons, a pump to blow them up, and duct tape.
1) Take two balloons
2) Turn one balloon inside out
3) Insert the inside out balloon into the other one by twisting it to make is skinny (make sure they are facing the same direction)
4) Blow up both balloons so that the ball will be twice as strong
5) Tie off both balloons
6) Cover and decorate with duct tape
7) Play!

Wait.... there's going to be a second one?

Thanks for telling us (everyone who reads these things) how to make Duct Tape Balls! :)

Duct Tape Balls??? SWEET! I'm gonna make tons!


I've seen lots of different kinds of duct tape at Meijer, too. You won't just be stuck with a choice of gray or gray ;)

so fun!

I agree it was fun!

this was fun

wao, Awesome is the word, I am gonna say for it :)

That sounds sooooo cool! I am going to try it. Thank you for the instructions because I am way older than 8th grade, but this sounds amazing and very useful. I love my library!

great! I have another chance to do it!

can't believe i missed another cool event. i love creating things out of duct tape. all of my friends are really good at it.