Hunters of the Sky - Monday June 25 at Malletts Creek Branch

Meet several raptors from the Leslie Science & Nature Center including an American Kestrel, Barn Own, and a Bald Eagle. We'll learn about habitats, adaptations for survival, life cycles, conservation efforts and the food web as we engage with live raptors and a hands-on exploration of feathers, skulls and other raptor parts. This event will be offered in its entirety for two sessions at the Malletts Creek Branch, once from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM and again from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM. The first show tends to fill up quickly, so if you want to try for a closer look at the raptors you may want to plan on attending the 1:00 PM program.


I think my brother would be interested in this.

My family just spent the weekend at Leslie campout. We would love meet the raptors again!

I love all the animals they have!! I went to camp there and saw so many animals (including an obese rabbit).

This event was probably one of the best events i've ever been too. I strongly suggest everyone to go to the Leslie Nature Center to see the raptors.

I saw the raptors at the Leslie S&N Center, and they are very impressive animals. I got a great close-up picture of the Bald Eagle, but Peregrine Falcons are my favorite bird of prey.

Rin, my brother is interested in this too! Is your brother obsessed with birds?

I am so into birds! Cute barn owl picture. If I had a laptop, that would be my screensaver!

snow owls are great


Which I could have gone. It must have been so cool. I wanted to see birds.

This was a very nice presentation, and I am so pleased to see the partnership between the Library and the Leslie Science & Nature Center! This summer surely has some of the best activities ever.

Cool, wish I could have come.

I agree, this summer has(had) some of the best events I've ever gone too.

No way! That event sounds amazing! Wish I was there to see it! Maybe next time!