Star Party this Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 27: 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm -- Leslie Science & Nature Center (1831 Traver Rd. map)

Join the University Lowbrow Astronomers and AADL staff this Wednesday night at the Leslie Science & Nature Center for a star party and a chance to earn points for the Summer Game! Lowbrow members will be on hand to offer views through their large telescopes, but feel free to bring your own - or one you've checked out from the Library - for some tips and advice from these expert observers. The sun sets at 9:15 so there won't be much to see other than Saturn and Mars early on, but stick around for a few stellar delights as they pop out one by one. Note: This event will be cancelled if it's cloudy. Check back here for an update.


I used to love stargazing with my dad. I wish I could make this event.

I hope I can come to this event!

Go to this one if you can.
The Lowbrows are awesome. They were amazingly generous with their knowledge and their telescopes for the Transit of Venus.

This was really cool the last time I went I hope I find time to go.


I hope to go to this event, though it may be on my way from another event. I'm looking forward to it!

Ooh, stargazing! I love stargazing!! I really hope I can come.

Wish I could have gone... I love stargazing. (Even though there always seem to be far too many trees around when the sky happens to be clear.)

I tried to watch the Transit of Venus with just eclipse goggles and it I couldn't discern it's shape against the sun. Next time there is a similar event I'll have to go to some kind of viewing so we can really see it. Although it won't be for Venus for about 100 more years :(

I don't believe I forgot to go! :(

I wish I could've went. It seemed like fun. :(

It was actually pretty fun. We got to see Saturn (I think) and the moon--they had so much detail!

You got to see Saturn????