Cockroach Exhibit at Pittsfield Branch is Cause for Celebration.

Cockroaches often get a bad rap, and there's a whole host of misconceptions surrounding them, starting with the belief that they're dirty. Not so, and thanks to a new exhibit from the Leslie Science & Nature Center you can see just how clean they are by visiting the Pittsfield Branch. Two distinct species of live roaches will be on display for the summer, one winged and one flightless. Come learn about these oft-despised and misunderstood creatures, and make sure to look for the Summer Game code to earn 100 points for visiting the cockroaches.



Awesome! I hope I can go, and maybe get the code. :)

Yuck :p






Sounds creepy yet cool!

I'm so excited to see this display - thanks for making this happen AADL!

This is a great headline!


These seem kind of disgusting, but I guess they're not as disgusting as we think.

Sorry to say this, but "Cockroaches are known to carry disease because they can live on just about anything, meaning they often live on unsanitary substances" according to I am devastated to even think about touching one of them - Yucky! Sometimes they may go airborne on people, if disturbed by the light or sound waves - Creepy!

I think i'll stick to the caterpillars at Traverwood :-)

Way to go Pittsfield!

Bugs are awesome. Except for when they're crawling around my house...

Oh, I was just at Pittsfield Branch, and we missed the cockroaches! :( Guess I will have to go back! My daughter loves bugs! ANd, we missed the code too!

I've always been squirmish with bugs.

Sounds interesting

are the codes gone?!!? *panic because of potentially missing some points*

I did NOT need that piece of information on cockroaches tonyabreu. I have had enough bugs crawling around. once found one bug (small, about a centimeter, not cockroach, but had pincers, i don't know what it is) on my bed as I woke up, another time lifted welcome mat and found soooooooooooo many ants under it doing who knows what. no more mats now, and we moved to different area. new problem: wasps, i think, that try to build under the railing.

I wish I lived near the Pittsfield Branch. :(

Nice little exhibit, and the signage was interesting. I could have done without the comment that "some cockroaches make great pets" on there, though - my son already thinks a tank of Madagascar hissing cockroaches would be a wonderful addition to our home. Now the library (ok, actually the Leslie Science Center) is giving him a supporting argument!


where's the comment "some cockroaches make great pets"?

Even though I hate cockroaches, I am deathly afraid of spiders (you do not want to be near me and a spider without earplugs--as most of my friends would tell you) and I would do anything to make the spider population in my house drop (even though they catch flies). I wanted a cockroach as a pet but my mom wouldn't let me D: and I was not surprised to hear that they are extremely dirty (though the exhibit says they are very clean).


I hate all insects that set a foot in my home. To quote fka83111, Nasty.

Never noticed it. That's cool.

Perhaps, bugs and crawling creatures have an affection for you! :)

My friend has cockroaches in her house.

Cockroaches and their badges should be worth triple the amount of points.