Return of the Caterpillars at Malletts Creek Branch.

Come visit the spawn of Cecropia! The descendants of last year's Cecropia caterpillars have returned from the Leslie Science & Nature Center. Not only that, but they've migrated from Traverwood to the Malletts Creek Branch, and will be spending the Summer Game season with us. Currently two moths have emerged from their cocoons. However, since the moths only live about a week, you'll need to act fast if you want to be sure of seeing them. While there are no guarantees when dealing with live animals, we're hoping that the moths will lay eggs, which will then hatch into teeny tiny caterpillars in another couple of weeks. We'll update this post when interesting developments occur. Make sure and look for the Summer Game code to earn 100 points for visiting the Moths.


The exhibit is really cool! If you go to Malletts, you should go see this exhibit.


The moths are beautiful...and BIG! Be sure to stop by and see them.

Cool! I look forward to seeing these caterpillars again.

I will take a ride there to see them soon






Is there a code? Just curious, since I have to go there anyways.

i remember seeing the caterpillars at Traverwood last year. It was cool watching them pass through each stage.

Hi Bookbird,

If you have trouble finding the codes, just ask someone who works at the library and they will be happy to show you where the codes are posted. They are near the exhibits.

I remember seeing the moths last year! They were so cool!

These moths, and the caterpillars, are just so beautiful! Excited to follow their development throughout the summer.

Just saw the exhibit at Malletts Creek. Sooo cool!

I saw them at Traverwood last year. Maybe I'll see these this year!

I remember these. They were so FAT.

I remember these!

Will some codes be taken away as the summer goes on? I remember last summer the code got switched as the caterpillars grew. Also, the one with the ash trees are gone. the staff HAVE (i would have used italics if possible) finished putting every code in place right, in all the libraries?

I wish I lived near the Malletts Creek Branch

Thanks for your question bookbird. We're planning on updating the codes for the Cecropia exhibit as they progress through their lifecycle. We'll announce new codes in this thread, so keep your eye on it.

Gorgeous moths and interesting looking cocoons. I didn't see any caterpillars there, though. Maybe in a few weeks.


sdunav, why would there be cocoons when the moths are out already? same question Employee 37.

I have to agree that the caterpillars were extremely FAT but they were also really cool. I wish I could live near Traverwood, Mallets Creek, and Pittsfield all at the same time. *sigh*

I saw the caterpillars last year. I'm glad I live near Malletts.

Bookbird, empty cocoons, that the moths came from. Check them out.

The moths have laid eggs! New game code now available!

I remember they were at Traverwood last year. When are they going to Pittsfield?

There's always next year for Pittsfield...

Good thing I live near Malletts.

Yay! New game codes!