Spinners, Gliders, & Projectiles!

Sunday November 4 | 2:00 - 3:00pm | Pittsfield Branch Program Room

What goes up must come down, but good design means more hang time. Come play with paper to design your best planes, spinners, and other things that fly.

While learning a bit about the science of keeping objects in the air, we'll be making, testing out, and tweaking our best paper-made floaters and flyers. Simple designs and materials sometimes make surprising planes!.

Also, check out this list of AADL materials for easy flying projects and other resources.

This event is for kids in grades K-5.


Kids nowadays are so creative.

I remember when I was obsessed with making the best paper airplane. Good time, good times...



A lot of these events are now k-5, so I can't join :( (They look so fun.)

I could not come, so how do i get to see how to make it? If I cant then THIS IS STUPID


It was a very nice program enjoyed by lots of kids.

There are many resources for creating great flying projects, and some available from the library are listed here: Spinners, Gliders, & Projectiles.