Start planning & building your entry for the 7th Annual LEGO Contest!

2011 LEGO Contest2011 LEGO Contest
If it's summer it's LEGO Contest time! One of our largest and most anticipated events is scheduled for Thursday, August 2, at the Kensington Court Hotel, 610 Hilton Blvd., (near Briarwood Mall). Last year we had over 200 entries and we can be sure there will even more this year!. Preschoolers, Kid, Teens and Adults are invited to participate. New this year: PEOPLE'S CHOICE! Attendees of the contest may vote for one project in each age category. People's Choice winners will receive a special LEGO trophy. For all the details read the complete rules and guidelines, and then start building!



My favorite contest that AADL hosts; it's amazing to see what people can build out of Legos.


its back!

This sound like a lot of fun!

Last years winning was amazing.

I've never entered the contest - probably because I don't and never have played with legos a lot - but I can't wait for photos! The "PEOPLE'S CHOICE!" will (hopefully) encourage me to come see them and cast my vote. Good luck, contestants!


An awesome contest!

Legos are too difficult for me (what.) Or rather, the patience I have tends to be directed towards crafts that can be done with string.


I wonder what the 1st place prize is.


I think this is going to be great for my second grader because he loves legos and never creates what on the box hw always makes his own creation!