A new Anne of Green Gables TV series is being planned

One of Canada’s most well-known and beloved literary characters will be returning to TV, in a new 13-episode series of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s “Anne of Green Gables”.

First published in 1908, more than 50 million of the Anne books have been sold. There are eight classic “Anne of Green Gables” novels. Montgomery’s granddaughter, Kate Macdonald Butler, says she believes there is keen appetite for a new televised version. Sullivan Entertainment brought “Anne” to television in the 1980s. "But I think it is now time for a new interpretation — that was almost 30 years ago.”

You can borrow DVDs of those 80's shows: Anne of Green Gables; Anne of Green Gables : the Sequel; Anne of Green Gables : the Continuing Story; and Anne of Green Gables : a New Beginning.

The new show is expected to begin production in the summer of 2013 but likely won’t air until the following year. Both Butler and executive producer Joan Lambur think it’s important that the role of Anne Shirley be played by a Canadian and preferably one with real red hair. But Lambur said she doesn’t picture the new Anne of Green Gables will follow in the mode of the original or other popular period series such as Road to Avonlea. Think more along the lines of “Little House on the Prairie” meets “Downton Abbey.” “I picture it a little more truthful and a little less sweet,” she said.


So excited! This is my all-time favorite piece of literature!

I highly recommend AGAINST watching the third installment of the Sullivan production. It is a very weird spy story with no basis in the books!

I am sooo excited! I love Anne of Green Gables so much, it is my favorite series!

Yay! I can't wait to see it!


Having grown up with the original series, I'm torn on whether to be excited about a new one or not. If it's along the lines of Downton Abbey though, then it'll probably be pretty good. I'm excited to see either way! Thanks for the great blog post!

My well-worn copies of the whole series of books would appreciate a TV series that watched more like they read. It's too bad LM isn't around to oversee the project herself. Not everyone is as lucky as JK Rowling (Harry Potter), it seems.

I still refuse to watch the Continuing Story, or a New Beginning - as they mangle the original plot to a point where even LM wouldn't recognize her Anne. These two are nothing more than fan fiction.

Interesting, though I find Anne too talkative for me. I hope the producers don't destroy the books.

I agree - I'm pretty loyal to the original series. But that Downton Abbey line has me curious. That new Anne has a lot to live up to: Megan Follows is the perfect Anne Shirley.

I never actually managed to finish the books... Perhaps I'll try again soon.


This is one of my friend's favorite stories. I should let her know about it.