3D Printing with All Hands Active: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm Saturday June 16, 2012 -- Downtown Library

3D Printing has been featured on CNN, the Colbert Report, and in Time Magazine, and now this technology is coming to the AADL! Learn about how these machines turn computer sketches into objects, watch one work, and practice making and customizing designs.

Led by Ann Arbor's All Hands Active, this workshop will introduce participants to this quickly developing technology. We’ll see how a 3D Printer works to create objects before your eyes, and even experiment with designing some objects using the freely available Google Sketchup. Participants will be able to submit simple designs to be printed and picked up at a later date.

This event will be held in the Training Center on the third floor of the Downtown Library and is intended for all ages.


Cool! Can't wait to come!

Sounds fun!

This sounds like a lot of fun!

I've seen videos and articles online about 3D printing, and I really hope I can come to this event! Printing in 3D is a fascinating way to use new technology. I don't know if there are any practical applications yet, but it's still really fun. This would be so cool to see in person!